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On their trips to India, Sanskriti and Sanskaar realized how privileged they were to get much more than just the basic needs of a human life. They saw thousands and thousands of kids for whom one piece of bread is a feast. Impacted by this harsh reality and disparity in lives; Sanskriti “Kriti” Saxena, a freshman in high school and Sanskaar “Shubh” Saxena, a 6th grader in 2011 came together for a common goal, eradicating hunger.


They founded youth chapter of GyaNidhi Foundation and decided to work with Akshaya Patra (Food for education) Foundation. GyaNidhi is composed of Gyan (means knowledge) and Nidhi (means treasure) i.e. treasure of knowledge and works in assisting underprivileged kids. Akshaya Patra (Food for education) Foundation provides hot lunch to underprivileged kids in school to motivate them to come to school as for many, it is the only meal of the day. Both took the responsibility of creating awareness amongst the people about Foundations and support the foundations by fund-raising.


Kriti says: Problems in the world cannot be resolved just by discussing at social gathering. High time, we do something about it rather than wait for someone else to act. I would prefer to be a leader rather than be lead.


Shubh quotes: I just want to follow the foot steps of my parents and big sister, and show them that even though I am the youngest in family, but I have my contribution too.


Profile Of Youth Chapter Executive


Sanskriti Saxena (Kriti Saxena) is a senior at Douglas County High School and an International Baccalaureate student.  She is inspired by “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and believes in overall development of the life.  She has been proactively leading her life towards her aims that includes being a pediatrician and helping children through philanthropic activities.  She is an aspiring young leader, a “Go-Getter” and role model for peers and juniors.  She launched Youth Chapter of the GyaNidhi Foundation and Akshaya Patra (Food For Education).  Both non-profit organizations provide services to underprivileged kids. She is  multilingual and utilized her expertise in English, Hindi, Spanish and Mandarin while travelling to various parts of the world.  She has volunteered and assisted doctors’ medical camps/facilities in India, Peru and USA.  She is a member of National Honors Society, Varsity Tennis Team, Student Council, Girls Scout and compete in ballroom dance at national level and plays cello at Chamber school orchestra and Valor Symphonics.


Sanskaar Saxena (Shubh) is a freshman at Douglas County High School and working to be an International Baccalaureate student.  Shubh is a gifted young adult with IQ of 147.  He loves Mathematics, languages, computer programming and Robotics.  He has participated and won prize at International Robotics Olympiad.  He is a member of Honors Society (Jr), Boys Scout and launched Youth Chapter of the GyaNidhi Foundation and Akshaya Patra (Food For Education).  He is  multilingual, knows English, Hindi, Spanish and Mandarin, and wishes to learn many more languages.  He has travelled to Europe, Asia, North America, South America and China.  He has volunteered and assisted doctors’ medical camps/facilities in India and Peru.  He plays fencing, basketball, tennis to keep him challenged and cello to relax.


Adele Vaughan is involved with National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, National Art Honor Society, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, Student Council, Healthy Relationships Club, and, most recently, Akshaya Patra Food For Education. She enjoys her own education, which is why she is willing to help those who don’t have the opportunities that she has.


Elaine is a current junior in high school with aspirations to attend a four year university for either engineering or business. She plays tennis and enjoys dabbling in various artistic mediums. She writes in whatever free time she has left, and is in the process of self-publishing her second book. Being a member of her local high school's amnesty club, she was delighted to be approached with the opportunity to assist Akshaya Patra. She officially agreed to fully support this organization upon learning that every cent they collect goes straight to the kitchens rather than administrative costs, and that extreme steps are taken to reduce contact with any of the food. Elaine looks forward to helping raise as much money and support for this organization as possible.


Ariana Cord is a junior in high school who enjoys writing, dancing, and learning foreign languages. She is the president of the Diversity club at her school and an officer of the Bollywood Dance club. She has an investment in this foundation because of its dedication to its cause through efficiency and organization in design and to those it serves. Ariana highly values foreign cultures and the rights of people everywhere and feels this foundation reflects that.


Patrick Tan is a Junior in high school who enjoys a good video game once in a while. When he isn't playing games, he participates in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), where he is the Public Relations Officer. When asked to join Akshaya Patra, he gladly accepted it, as he believes that everyone deserves an education and this is just another way to ensure his dream. Patrick wishes to do his best for this organization and will help to make sure that Akshaya Patra succeeds in its goals.

Akshaya Patra is a foundation that provides healthy meals to underprivileged kids at school. This has helped to reduce the number of drop outs due to poverty and creating a better future for the country. For only $15, you can feed a child for a whole school year. (Akshaya Patra)


For details of specific events, please go to events page at - Indian website - American website

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