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Gyanidhi foundation organizes three days event, South Asian Culture Day from Sep 17 - Sep 19, 2016


Initially started as Indian Wedding Festival is now upgraded to South Asian Culture Day, bringing inclusiveness to the whole of the South Asian Community. The event was organized by Youth Chapter of the GyaNidhi Foundation under Shubh Saxena's leadership, to bring awareness about the South Asian culture. The location was moved to a new venue so as to cater to a new audience. South Asian celebrations are nothing less than a festival and still an interesting mystery for most of the US population. All the proceeds were donated to the cause of creating interest in education by eradicating hunger. 


For more information on the event, please check the following:


Facebook page: South Asian Culture Day 

South Asian Culture Day: 


GyaNidhi Foundation thanks Bhavna Mohan for raising $1021


Yes, today's youth does think about community and strongly work towards improving it. Bhavna Mohan is an example to all youth. Bhavna Mohan decided to raise and donate the funds to AkshayPatra as her graduation gift. She started the campaign on and has raised $1021 till date which will feed 300 kids along with elementary education for one whole year. AkshayPatra Foundation honors and thanks Bhavna for her efforts and presented her with a certificate as her Graduation gift. THANK YOU, BHAVNA!


For more information on the fundraiser and getting involved with AkshayPatra or the event, please check the following:



GyaNidhi Foundation organizes first time in Denver, an Indian Wedding Festival on Jul 19, 2014


The event is being organized by Youth Chapter of the GyaNidhi Foundation, to bring awareness about the Indian Weddings to the population of different ethnicities in Colorado. The chapter is led by Sanskriti Saxena "Kriti" and composed of Adele Vaughan, Elaine, Ariana Cord, Patrick Tan and Sanskaar Saxena "Shubh". Indian Weddings are nothing less than a festival and still an interesting mystery for most of the US population.


For more information on the event and getting involved with AkshayPatra or the event, please check the following:


Facebook page: Indian Wedding & Cultural Festival


Indian Wedding & Cultural Festival:

GyaNidhi Foundation:



� Past events


GyaNidhi Foundation organizes first time in Denver, a Singer Talent Hunt for Indian population.


A series of four events was organized by GyaNidhi Foundation to find the talented Hindi singers in Denver. The event started with auditioning 45 participants and culminated with Top 3 winners. The candidates were judged by prestigious experts like Tariq Hasan, Priya Hariharan, Vinata Ganguli and SriMathumita.


For videos and pictures of the event, go to


All the benefits from the event will go for the cause of providing education to under privileged kids through organizations which had been already been working in this field and GyaNidhi has supported in the past.



Volunteer in Peru


Youth Chapter founders of Gyanidhi Foundation are joining the Peru Mission Trip organized by Centura Health from Jul 19, 2013 to Jul 29, 2013.


Iquitos is the largest city in the world with no road access; travel there is by boat or plane only! The city, which is located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon in the Loreto Region, approximately 290 miles by river from the border with Brazil and Colombia, has a population of around 500,000. The health care needs are great, and services are limited and expensive for the local population. Most residents cannot afford to see a doctor or utilize the few clinical services that are available.


This project will address three specific needs in the Loreto Region.


 1. Improve the surgical services that Clinica Adventista Ana Stahl can provide to the community by upgrading the OR and diagnostic equipment, conduct continuing education for surgeons and nurses, and provide free surgical services to patients who are unable to pay.


2. Address the basic health needs of the indigenous people living in villages along the Amazon River and its tributaries. This will be done through screening, vaccinations, and primary health education activities.


3.Establish an ob/gyn clinic and provide free ob/gyn surgery to under-served people.


Activities performed by Youth Chapter members:


� Spread awareness, Collect and carry donated items to distribute among the Peruvian population.

� Assist Centura Health Staff in variety of jobs

� Provide Information about basic hygiene to the people of Loreto region



Gyanidhi Foundation raises money for Brent�s Place and Academy of Urban Learning

August 21st 2010, Highlands Ranch, CO: In its very first fund-raising effort. The Gyanidhi foundation raised $1100. This will be donated to Brent's Place and the Academy of Urban Learning in Denver, Colorado.


A big thanks to all family, friends, and employees of DatamanUSA LLC dropping by and for being generous. It is appreciated more than we can say.


The monetary gifts received on the occasion of the house warming go entirely towards the Brents Place and AUL, where people work tirelessly to help needy kids.


Gyan Saxena the executive director of the Gyanidhi Foundation says "This is our first step towards many such events and we hope to support the causes closest to our heart in every way we can. I am thankful to all those who donated."


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