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Brief History

The idea of Gyanidhi Foundation originated in 2005 when Gyan Saxena were basking in the success of their business DatamanUSA LLC. With the phenomenal success of the company which at that time was in the limelight and had shown a tremendous growth in revenue, they felt the desire to help the less fortunate. With that in mind they set up two educational scholarships for needy kids in India. Also they support the full cost of education for 4 needy kids in a school in India.


Gyanidhi now wants to expand on their work and has the health and education of kids as their primary areas of concern. This will go with the meaning of their names: Gyan meaning Knowledge. Gyan would like to bring prosperity and treasures to needy kids through the means of education and good health.

Executive Committee:

Nidhi Saxena

Gyan Saxena

Bhavana "Pavna" Mohan

Ketna Shah

Divyaa Saxena

Donations For Us

We welcome you all to lend us a helping hand and get involved in our organization. By investing in Gyanidhi Foundation, you are investing in the future of the society and helping to transform the lives of many young people !

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